Rumour: Return of the Solo?

Harrison Ford may be Han Solo for years to come…

The big rumour this morning is that Harrison Ford has signed a multi-picture deal with Disney that goes beyond Episode VII.

Ford wouldn’t sign the deal unless he was given a breakdown of Solo’s arc over the course of the trilogy, presumably based on Michael Arndt’s 50 page treatment. Apparently the arc satisfied him enough that he signed on for more than one Star Wars movie—something he didn’t even do in the ’70s and ’80s.

We can assume, then, that this is not just about Ford appearing in Episode VII and the rumoured Solo spinoff film. This is about the sequel trilogy in its entirety. Given the desire of Ford and Lawrence Kasdan to kill off Solo in Return of the Jedi, fan speculation has been that Solo would die in Episode VII. I guess he will in fact live to see another day yet.

The most intriguing tidbit, however, is that Indiana Jones may ride again as well in 2016. Keep in mind that Ford will be around 74 by the time Indy 5 sees release.

So I’d expect to see Ford in at least episodes VII and VIII and maybe even the Han Solo spinoff film.  Obviously the story for these movies is strong enough for him to fully commit, which is good news. It looks like everyone really is interested in making the best films possible for this new trilogy.


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