Rumour: Disney holding Episode VII open auditions in the UK?

Straight from the BBC comes the rumour that Disney are holding open auditions in the UK for Episode VII.

Here’s the actual release:


It all originated with a Twitter account called @UKopencall (as you can see above) supposedly run by one Claire Curry. The account has been spamming people all over the place, and frankly, its feed is a mess. If you go to the Facebook page, there’s the added detail that this is a “major Hollywood movie” but that’s about it.

The good folk at Club Jade have a pretty reasonable take on the matter. Besides the spamminess of the account is the fact that there is nothing to really suggest that the auditions have anything to do with Star Wars. On the other hand, a Claire Curry does work in casting, and Lucasfilm have issued a “no comment” to the BBC. Indeed, the two characters line up fairly well (in the vaguest of ways) with the leaked casting breakdowns from June.

The Lucasfilm non-denial is the most telling aspect, but at this stage, who knows? Maybe the auditions are for Flubber 2: Secret of the Ooze. That said, the ever-reliable Jedi News has posted from their source, Jedi Master SQL, the following quote:

Confirmed to me that it is SW. This is the cancelled auditions from August. Open call but there are clear front runners.

So there you have it.


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