Episode VII open auditions: the plot thickens

Want some intrigue mixed in with your daily dose of Star Wars casting news?

Furious Fanboys have spotted a website with details on how to audition online for the role of either “Rachel” or “Thomas” in a major Hollywood film by Disney which may or may not be Episode VII.

The site has been registered through GoDaddy to Eric Hayes of Cast It Systems, LLC, whose site indeed refers back to the Open Casting Call 2013 website linked above. The sister site Cast It Talent also lists “Rachel” and “Thomas” as two available roles (among many others in various projects). Either this is the most elaborate hoax in the history of Star Wars or this really is legitimate… for some movie which may or may not be Episode VII.

Want to audition? Go to the site, give them your email address and you get the “sides” for the audition as a nifty, watermarked PDF. It’s not that riveting, but it does imply that these are indeed brother and sister.

A snippet from the sides

A snippet from the sides

Are these Solos? Or Skywalkers? Here’s some pure fan-based conjecture: perhaps these two young heroes have grown up as orphans and yet, by the end, they discover their parents are actually alive and well in another part of the galaxy. Cross the general plot of Apocalypse Now (another Lucas project that is thematically linked to Star Wars) with the unused idea of the “other” mentioned by Yoda being Luke’s sister living in another part of the galaxy, turn the whole thing on its head, and suddenly you have Episode VII.

If that “father quest” (which is a mythological favourite and certainly thematically prominent in Star Wars) hinges on the big reveal of the survival of Luke or Han and Leia, it would certainly explain why everyone’s been so non-committal about the possible return of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

But that’s just me guessing. For all we know, Rachel and Thomas could be characters from Friends: The Early Years.


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