Rumour: New Mexico still on the cards?

"Say my name, J.J. Abrams..."

“Say my name, J.J. Abrams…”

A persistent rumour for the last couple of months has been the inclusion of New Mexico in the list of locations being used for Episode VII. Well, the rumour just won’t die, which suggests there may be something to it.

The Star Wars Underworld is reporting via their source that “Disney has signed a three year deal to shoot the film in New Mexico and will be opening up a production office there in January.”

Now, given that Episode VII will be released in two years’ time, this suggests the location will be used on more than one film. Will it be Episode VIII? One of the spinoffs? (My conjecture has always been that Lawrence Kasdan would write a western-themed spinoff, since that would be a natural fit for him, so if NM turned up in a Han Solo/Boba Fett Star Wars western written by Kasdan, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.)

Whatever the case, it’s looking like New Mexico will be used somehow. Yes, the home of Area 51 and Walter White may soon be hosting Twi’leks and Trandoshans…


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