Jason Flemyng and the case of the missing Instagram pic

In the last 24 hours, Jason Flemyng posted a photo of a red script to Instagram, writing “Pint of Stella and ‘Star Wars’ script! That’s me sorted till 5!” You can see the full photo via MakingStarWars.net, but here’s a smaller copy:

Jason Flemyng's Instagram shot

Jason Flemyng’s Instagram shot

The photo did the rounds on the Star Wars rumour circuit pretty quickly. As I was writing this post, however, the content was removed from Flemyng’s Instagram feed. What to make of this?

Well, firstly, it obviously wasn’t a smart thing for Flemyng to do, hence the sudden removal of the photo. Secondly, Flemyng dropped hints almost a year ago to the day that he had some tangential connection to Episode VII:

The connection? Director Matthew Vaughn. And we all know how that turned out.

So it seems Flemyng is (or was…) involved somehow, even after J.J. Abrams was chosen over Vaughn for director. What happens next remains to be seen…


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