Rick Carter on Episode VII production design

Rick Carter, whose art direction and production design credits include The Goonies, Back to the Future Part II and Jurassic Park, will be collaborating with Darren Gilford (TRON: Legacy, Oblivion) in his role as production designer on Episode VII.

On working with Gilford on Episode VII, Carter had this to say to ComingSoon.net:

We’re kind of both production designing the movie as a team to help give J.J. [Abrams] the best of what his generation and the new generation can offer with Darren Gilford and also myself as a guide that takes us back to not so long, long ago, but to the ’70’s where I was around and making movies that old-fashioned way. Whenever we want to touch that level, it relates to something that’s not just being made up as though it’s new. It’s being rediscovered.

Carter has been working on the film since January, pre-dating Abrams’ arrival. What’s most heartening about the team Kathleen Kennedy is assembling for Episode VII is we have a really great blend of Star Wars veterans, old-school film production experts and new up-and-comers all collaborating to create what will hopefully be the best cinematic experience possible.


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