Rumour: Episodes II and III in 3D for December 2014?

Well, despite what I was saying recently about Disney wanting us all to forget the prequels, it seems we may be seeing Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in 3D after all, and released in the 12 month lead-up to Episode VII, no less.

Dutch site is reporting (via Jedi News) that episodes II and III in 3D will see release on December 31, 2014. Keep in mind that Fox will own the theatrical distribution rights to both films until 2020, so Disney won’t see the same amount of coin as they would have were Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributing the films, but they will still get a share of the box office gross.

If this rumour is true, a big factor may be the delayed release date of Episode VII. Obviously Disney were hoping to get a major return on investment in May 2015, so releasing Clones and Sith in December 2014 should somewhat mitigate the delay in the major return to December 2015.

We know for a fact that Attack of the Clones 3D is good to go: it was screened in July at Celebration Europe II. Maybe its availability was just too tempting for Disney to ignore.


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