Greg Weisman on Star Wars: Rebels (updated)

The Star Wars Youtube channel has just uploaded a new featurette focusing on Greg Weisman, one of the executive producers on Rebels:

“Tonally, we’re really leaning towards A New Hope,” Weisman notes in the clip.

“We’ve got a Rebellion that is not yet organised, is not yet the Rebel Alliance,” he adds. “One of the main things that our show is about—and I’m talking about over seasons—is we’re going to show how the Rebel Alliance came to be.”

My speculation is still that the final season will culminate in the theft of the plans to the Death Star and the battle surrounding that event—the Alliance’s “first victory against the evil Galactic Empire” according to Episode IV‘s opening crawl. It’d be a fantastic payoff and a great note on which to end the series.

UPDATE: have some great screencaps ready for you to peruse…

UPDATE #2: Club Jade have some further insights from Weisman, this time from Star Wars Insider:

We have two strong female leads in the show among our set of characters and we think they are going to be fan favorites very quickly. That’s always been a personal priority for me in all the work I’ve done, to have a strong and diverse cast of characters, both in terms of gender and race.

He also noted that fellow executive producers Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg had already developed “great characters and a great setup” prior to his own involvement.


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