Rumour: Is a Netflix Cad Bane series on the cards?

Ryan Leston has posted a new rumour on the Scum and Villainy blog about a potential Cad Bane series on Netflix.

Let me break down the information in the article:

  • According to the source, “the ‘Star Wars’ license will move onto Netflix properties as well as ‘Star Wars Rebels'”
  • Furthermore, “The idea being tossed around right now is a series focusing on Cad Bane from ‘The Clone Wars’. But this is very early talks.”
  • Will this be the start of something larger? “It’s just the one series but a number of other shows focussing on different characters is a very big possibility.”

Now, I must admit that about two weeks ago I heard the same rumour, but with a twist: the series will be live action. I thought the idea was bonkers, and I still do. But maybe a CG animated Cad Bane series isn’t such a bad idea.

The interesting part for me, however, is that a month ago, Billy Dee Williams did say he was doing some work with Netflix on a show called Rebels. That little tidbit doesn’t sound so crazy now, and when you factor in the Marvel/Netflix deal, everything starts to make sense.

Right from the beginning, Disney have used Marvel as a template for how they plan on handling Star Wars. The Marvel Netflix plan is to create four series focusing each on a particular low-level Marvel character, with the characters then teaming-up Avengers-style for a Defenders miniseries.

I’ve been told that any potential Cad Bane series won’t be ready until 2016, which makes sense, given the lead time on these things. But maybe the intent here is to bridge the gap between Rebels and The Clone Wars, reinforcing the idea that this is one coherent universe. Again we have the idea of low-level characters being something of a “glue” that makes the whole multimedia enterprise hang together.

Cad Bane certainly fits this idea of using Netflix to focus on low-level characters that aren’t big enough for features yet still have some real interest behind them. For my money, though, the real breakout character from The Clone Wars was Hondo Ohnaka—give him a few cameos and we’ll be set.

UPDATE: Jason Ward over at has gone into further detail regarding this rumour. “Vapourware” may be the best descriptor at this stage…


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