Rapping llama sets Internet alight with “mad science”

Steve the Llama, the apparent spokes-mammal for Disney XD, has released a new promo detailing the lineup for next year’s programming. Some (such as MakingStarWars.net) are taking this video as confirmation that Rebels will air as part of a Saturday morning block in the U.S.—I’m not so sure. To me it just looks like a rundown on what’s on offer next year.

In any case, the video is truly bizarre and worth watching for its mind-boggling badness. I must say, however, that with the title Steve the Llama Drops Mad Science, I was expecting it to feature perhaps a race of atomic supermen, a la Bride of the Monster. Sadly, I was mistaken. I guess a rapping llama will have to do.

As an exercise for the reader, compare the two videos below. Which one hints at more “mad science”?


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