Alan Horn talks Episode VII, Spinoffs

Alan Horn (chairman of Walt Disney Studios) has revealed a bit more of where we currently are with Episode VII as well as where we’re headed with Star Wars in the future.

Variety’s Mark Graser posted these tweets only a few hours ago:

So we’re looking at a budget of around $200m for Episode VII. To give you an idea here, Revenge of the Sith had a budget of under $150m in today’s money, while The Empire Strikes Back had a budget of around $100m in today’s money. However, Iron Man 3 had a budget of $200m, while Man of Steel had a budget of $225m—blockbusters cost more these days.

The fact that the script has yet to be turned over to Disney should not be a shock, however, given the delay in release to December 2015. However, this delay has apparently not shifted overall plans for the franchise, so you can still expect another Star Wars movie in 2016.

My guess is that we’ll see Simon Kinberg’s spinoff film in December 2016.


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