Attack Squadrons announced, 1313 demo leaked

Two pieces of Star Wars gaming news have hit the ‘net today. Firstly, we have the announcement of Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, and secondly, the E3 1313 demo has been leaked online.

Attack Squadrons is a “free-to-play, open web, space combat game offering an intense multiplayer battle experience”, allowing players to customise ships and battle it out in “iconic Star Wars locations”. You can sign-up to join the beta here.

The branding seems to be an indication of things to come: the Disney Interactive brand will be featured along with LucasArts and Area 52 (the developers). This really is the era of the Mouse.

Update: As of 24 May, 2014, Attack Squadrons has been cancelled.

But now, feast your eyes on this E3 demo of the cancelled 1313 game, and imagine what could have been, had this been released and Star Wars: Underworld seen the light of day…


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