Fate of the Expanded Universe

Jedi News has posted a series of tweets from Leland Chee regarding Lucasfilm’s story group:

This is all pretty self-explanatory: there’ll be little need for a canon hierarchy going forward, since all Star Wars media will be closely coordinated.

The implication, however, is much larger: the times they are a-changin’. Episode VII is finally being crystallised, with Disney Imagineers having now been briefed on the characters and plot for the new movie, which means that internally, everyone must know where things are headed. Perhaps not coincidentally, Sword of the Jedi, a trilogy of novels set more than 40 years after Return of the Jedimay not even see publication. At the other extreme, Dark Horse Comics will be publishing an adaptation of an unproduced Clone Wars arc involving Darth Maul—surely a safe bet when it comes to what will remain in the canon.

Sam Witwer, a big fan who has provided voices for both The Clone Wars and the Force Unleashed games, gave his thoughts on the canon issue  in a new interview:

I think if they can pull [a cohesive canon] off it will be worth it.

I know there’s been a lot of outcry with The Clone Wars when something would show up and it wasn’t exactly what they’d read about, like the Mandalorians, but the funny thing about George Lucas’ Star Wars is that he really did pull as much as they could from the Expanded Universe and change stuff where necessary.

It seems clear that already an effort is being made to keep releases off the schedule that may be contradicted very, very soon, instead pushing material that will safely coexist with the new movies. We’re in a period of transition still, but by the time Marvel regains the license, I’m sure the expanded universe will have undergone a very quiet reboot.



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