Rebels trailer is here!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

Here’s the trailer for forthcoming Disney XD series Star Wars: Rebels

Brief impressions:

  • several shots (e.g. the Ghost being chased in the clouds, the crew racing to the Ghost while Sabine covers them, the jump to hyperspace, even the framing of the first shot of the Ghost as it approaches the planet) are very reminiscent of the original trilogy;
  • the animation looks stark, but remember that this is four months before this show will air—presumably full rendering is still in the works (and in addition, recall how basic some of the early Clone Wars episodes were);
  • this looks like a nice change-of-pace from The Clone Wars, and I’m excited to see how Dave Filoni in particular handles this new storytelling canvas.

UPDATE: Here’s a shorter version with some different footage:


2 thoughts on “Rebels trailer is here!

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