Our first look at Episode VII’s Chewbacca?

The official Star Wars Instagram account yesterday posted this photo of Bob Iger (Disney’s CEO) with Chewbacca:

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Chairman’s new co-pilot. #StarWarsDay

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Some people think this is our first look at Chewbacca in Episode VII; others disagree. Here are my two cents:

This is almost certainly not the original costume. During the making of Revenge of the Sith, the original costume was transported to Sydney and was damaged in the process; they then set about repairing it while using it as a reference for the 2003 update. The original costume is presumably pretty fragile, and I doubt they’d just slap the original on some guy for an Iger selfie—it’s too valuable. I also doubt it’s a cheaper replica, looking at the detail

And don’t forget, Chewbacca is old—200 years old, in fact, by the start of Star Wars: A New Hope—so he shouldn’t look like Itchy from the Holiday Special just 30-odd years later.

My guess is that this is the real deal. Episode VII requires a new Chewbacca costume, and they’d want it as faithful to the original version as possible. It’s not the ’77 costume, it’s not the 2003 costume and it’s not a cheaper replica. This is the new Chewbacca.


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