The Battle of Tatooine?

Abu Dhabi is definitely a location for Episode VII—we’ve had official confirmation of such. But people still want to debate about whether the locale is doubling for Tatooine.

In my mind, there’s no doubt. Unless they’ll make it visually distinct, there’s no sense in shooting in the desert unless it’s to film scenes for that planet the Skywalkers call home.

Keen observers have already spotted a possible AT-AT foot out in the desert. Now we have the following two reports giving various set details:

  • a “shuttle-like” spacecraft
  • a large tower
  • a “big centuries-old-looking market”
  • an “alien house”
  • 10-15 “really fast buggies” powered by jet engines
  • two truckloads of explosives
  • a blast crater
  • scrap metal to be strewn across the desert (from a crash?)

Cast have started arriving and will begin filming tomorrow (i.e. May 13). The shoot in Abu Dhabi is expected to last until the end of the month.

Could this be the Battle of Tatooine?


2 thoughts on “The Battle of Tatooine?

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