The carrot that lured Ford back to Star Wars?

Harrison Ford has always seemed to want to keep Star Wars and Han Solo at arm’s length. While acknowledging that Solo was instrumental in kickstarting his acting career, the contrarian in Ford couldn’t help but bristle at the fact that so many had a fondness for a character he helped bring to life but that he himself could never fully respect.

As an Entertainment Weekly essay recounts, even as late as 2008, Ford saw Solo as lacking depth or intelligence.

“He’s dumb as a stump,” the actor groaned.


“He’s got a good heart, but I think he’s certainly a much less interesting character than Indiana Jones,” Ford told me during that hike in Temescal Canyon. “The breadth of his story utility was never extensive. He was the foil between the other more compelling elements of the film, between the sage old warrior and the young hero. There’s not much breadth of character to explore beyond what we got out of him.”

So what is it that brought Ford back into the fold? Was it the promise of a new Indiana Jones movie? Was it, as Entertainment Weekly reports, that Ford has been given co-lead with the new young stars?

Or could it be that, not only will Solo feature prominently, but his role will be meatier, with more emotional depth this time around?

A new rumour claims that Adam Driver will be playing Han and Leia’s son, a man who turns to the Dark Side. (Expanded Universe fans will raise an eyebrow at this.) The dramatic possibilities in this scenario for Ford would have been incredibly attractive, especially if he’s given the screen-time to explore those nuances.

So here’s some speculation on my part: Driver’s character kills Han Solo at the end of Episode VII. This allows Ford a swan-song in the saga in keeping with the father/son thematic throughline and turns on its head everything in the original trilogy. Surely this, along with the new Indiana Jones project, would get Ford back one last time.

Patricide: it’s not just for Oedipus any more.


2 thoughts on “The carrot that lured Ford back to Star Wars?

  1. Good post! I’ve always thought that Ford was enticed back to the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit purely on the understanding that the character of Solo has a dramatic and emotional death – possibly sacrificing himself for the greater good (his children?). Given that Ford wanted Solo to meet his maker in Return of the Jedi I think it’s almost inevitable. Not sure about Driver as his son though….could be wrong. Look forward to more posts!

  2. Driver as Solo’s son does seem like unusual casting, I agree, but he’s very striking and would be more believable, I think, as a character who turns to evil than an outright villain. I know it’s a crazy theory, but to me it fits thematically, which is why I kind of like it.

    Thanks for reading!

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