Blurbs for A New Dawn, Rebels launch in October

Below is a confirmation of Rebels being launched in October. But first, here are a couple of new blurbs for A New Dawn

Here’s Random House’s own copy:

For a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights brought peace and order to the Galactic Republic, aided by their connection to the mystical energy field known as the Force. But they were betrayed—and the entire galaxy has paid the price. It is the Age of the Empire.

Now Emperor Palpatine, once Chancellor of the Republic and secretly a Sith follower of the dark side of the Force, has brought his own peace and order to the galaxy. Peace through brutal repression, and order through increasing control of his subjects’ lives.

But even as the Emperor tightens his iron grip, others have begun to question his means and motives. And still others, whose lives were destroyed by Palpatine’s machinations, lay scattered about the galaxy like unexploded bombs, waiting to go off. . . .

And here’s the catalogue listing from Above the Treeline:

It’s an all-new Star Wars galaxy going forward, and to kick off this exciting new era of storytelling we are publishing the very first novel set in the years leading up to the original Star Wars movie, a previously untouchable time frame in Star Wars history. Features key characters from the upcoming television series, Star Wars: Rebels. With a foreword by Dave Filoni, executive producer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels!

The stage is set for the coming Rebellion against the Empire: Kanan is a Jedi survivor of Order 66. Refusing to wield his lightsaber ever again, he makes a living as a freelance pilot, keeping his head down to avoid any Imperial attention. But when the beautiful Hera Syndulla sweeps into his life at the same time his friends and his livelihood are being threatened by an Imperial plot, he faces the biggest choice of his life: keep hiding…or make a stand and risk the wrath of the Empire.

And finally, if you’re a fan of this Kenner video from 1979…

…get ready for some major deja vu, also from Above the Treeline. Note the October 2014 date:

STAR WARS IS ON THE VERGE OF BEING BIGGER THAN EVER: An all-new animated Star Wars television show, Rebels, launches on the Disney Channel in October 2014, kicking off a new era of Star Wars media, to be followed up December 18, 2015 by the long-awaited major motion picture, Star Wars: Episode VII!

BRAND-NEW ERA IN STAR WARS STORYTELLING: With the creation of the Disney/Lucasfilm Story Group, all Star Wars fiction-movies, television, video games, books, comics-will now share equally in the design and development of the Star Wars galaxy. Every novel, beginning with Star Wars: A New Dawn, will be a true part of official Star Wars continuity!

PERFECT ENTRY FOR NEW STAR WARS READERS: You don’t have to know anything about Star Wars-new or old-to enjoy this exciting new science-fiction adventure story.

NEW CHARACTERS IN THE SPIRIT OF CLASSIC STAR WARS: Kanan the Jedi; Hera the female rebel; Imperial villains in the style of the legendary Darth Vader; brave civilians willing to risk their lives in the name of independence and justice-A New Dawn encompasses everything Star Wars stands for!

COMFORT FOR CORE FANS: John Jackson Miller, the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Kenobi, is a fan-favorite Star Wars writer, which will ensure that the galaxy far, far away continues to be in good hands.

MASSIVE PROMOTION: With the launch of the Rebels TV show and the upcoming Episode VII film, all Star Wars licensees will be rolling out their biggest marketing efforts yet, all focusing on breathing ever greater life into this already vibrant franchise.

MORE EVENTS AND CONVENTIONS THAN EVER: The annual Star Wars Reads Day event gets bigger every year (Reads Day 2014 is 10/11/14). With Del Rey hitting conventions across the country-C2E2, PhoenixCon, San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con, and, in May 2015, Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim-we’ll keep our Star Wars novels front and center throughout the entire year to come.

So there you have it. This feels bigger than even the marketing push for The Phantom Menace, mainly because it is bigger: Lucasfilm are effectively relaunching the Star Wars brand in preparation for an unprecedented multimedia campaign spanning at least six years.

Star Wars is forever…


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