Original original trilogy headed our way in November?

A couple of interesting rumours have surfaced in the last 24 hours…

Back in October last year we got a glimpse of a brochure from the European Brand Licensing Show, via Jedi News. One of the items listed was a “digital library launch” for autumn/winter 2014. November was later given as a date for all six films to see digital release, again according to Jedi News.

Well, Roger Christian, who was the set decorator on Star Wars: A New Hope, has told RebelForce Radio that the “digitized six Star Wars” are “coming in November”.

What’s more, Bleeding Cool have posted a rumour that we’ll see the unaltered original trilogy on DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand.

The release of the unaltered original trilogy doesn’t sound too outlandish to me. If Disney are going to the trouble of negotiating rights with Fox for a full digital release, why not also garner extra goodwill by finally giving the oldschool fans what they want? Let’s also not forget just how focused on the original trilogy all marketing has been to this point.

And what else is coming out in November? A novel about Tarkin and, presumably, the story behind the first Death Star. There’s your tie-in to an original trilogy re-release. It’s all been very carefully planned.

(Finally, pay no mind to the “prequels will no longer be canon” rumour—that’s just absurd.)


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