Chewbacca takes on the Empire on Hoth?!

OK, the headline above is deliberate sensationalism—I don’t actually believe it. Well, not yet, anyway.

But Bleeding Cool have presented third-hand information on the second-unit shoot in Iceland for Episode VII. Apparently it involves Chewbacca and “old skool” stormtroopers.

The conjecture is that Iceland is doubling for Hoth. While that’s possible, as Jason over at Making Star Wars points out, Iceland is not some uniformly Arctic wasteland. Who knows, maybe Iceland is filling the same slot that Scotland was potentially going to fill when they were scouting for locations?

There were other reports of “hundreds of stormtroopers and wookies [sic]” being featured,,but that was baseless speculation by a journalist who thinks phasers exist in Star Wars.

There’s probably a grain of truth in all of this—Iceland is almost certainly being used as a location, for example—but a lot of it has the feeling of rumours and speculation gaining credibility by simply being repeated. I’m of the opinion that’s all in good fun anyway, so it’s nice to dream of Chewie taking on the Empire on Hoth while we wait for something substantial. Just don’t get too invested in that image.


4 thoughts on “Chewbacca takes on the Empire on Hoth?!

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