Be a Force for Change

I won’t bury the lead: this video shows some great practical effects from the Abu Dhabi shoot, where first unit are making Star Wars Episode VII. And presumably this is the “big centuries-old-market” that was mentioned in earlier reports.

Take a look:

To discuss the actual content for a moment, Force for Change allows you to support UNICEF, get exclusive Star Wars goodies and have a chance to get VIP access to Episode VII!

Here are some examples:

  • $10 gets you an entry in the VIP access sweepstakes
  • $500 gets you 50 entries and limited edition concept art
  • $10,000 gets you 1000 entries, a lightsaber hilt and an autographed copy of the script
  • $50,000 gets you 5000 entries and an advanced private screening of Episode VII


What Abrams and Lucasfilm have done here is very smart. The video will go viral if only because it’s our first actual glimpse of Episode VII; the link, in turn, will get people donating like crazy just to get the goodies. All going to plan, they should raise over $6mil for UNICEF through  this initiative.

But back to the creature effects: they look practical, possibly with some CG enhancements. It certainly recalls Return of the Jedi-era effects and lends some weight to the idea that Phil Tippett may be involved somehow.

More than ever, I really can’t wait for this movie…


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