Rebels season to consist of 23 episodes?

Good friend Johnamarie over at Making Star Wars has found this snippet from the senior marketing manager of The Walt Disney Company Mexico:

Sánchez explicó que la serie “Star Wars Rebels” , que se estrenará a finales de año, estará conformada por 23 episodios, que relatarán lo que ocurre entre el Episodio III y el IV de estos filmes, “en donde aparentemente se extinguen todos los Jedis y cómo surge la rebelión que empiezan a reclamar la libertad de la galaxia” añadió.

Naturally, it’s in Spanish.

Cleaning up an automated translation, we get this:

Sanchez explained that the series “Star Wars Rebels”, which will premiere later this year, will consist of 23 episodes that relate what happens between Episode III and IV of these films, “in which seemingly all Jedis have been extinguished and how the rebellion emerges and begins to demand freedom for the galaxy,” he added.

There was an earlier rumour that the first season of Rebels would consist of 13 episodes. It appeared in a transcript from a video interview with Simon Kinberg. However, the mention of 13 episodes was not in the video and it was removed from the text very quickly.

I’m of the opinion at the moment that we’ll get one double episode premiere followed by 21 regular episodes running from October 2014 to March 2015. We’ll be getting three new novels in that period, two new comic series and possibly a re-release of the movies on home video as well. There’ll be plenty of Star Wars coming our way later this year…


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