The case of the fuzzy photo… (updated)

UPDATE: A comment below along with a post on Star Wars Episode 7 News both seem to point to Rey-Phillip’s daughter being the culprit here. It’s unfortunate that this incident may have led to his demotion.

UPDATE #2: The video is from here and is unrelated to Star Wars. Knowing that, the “darkside” photo is probably fake, too.

UPDATE #3: The photo relates to cosplay for the Japanese band DIR EN GREY. See this photo.

Original post follows…

I wasn’t going to run with this, but there seems to be some merit to the whole thing.

Rey-Phillip Santos, a stunt performer who, according to IMDb, is a member of the production staff on Episode VII, recently made these two posts on Instagram.

The first, from 9 May, is tagged #daisyridley and #episodevii

The second, from 21 May, is tagged #darkside

So what do we have here? Is the first post a video of actual stuntwork? Is that really Daisy Ridley? (Surely it’s a stunt double… right?)

As for the second post, is that a Nightsister (as some are guessing)? Given the quality of the photo, it may in fact be a new photo of the Loch Ness Monster.

For that matter, is any of this actually real? If so, you can’t imagine Lucasfilm would be happy with Santos.


5 thoughts on “The case of the fuzzy photo… (updated)

  1. Santos is definitely a legit stunt actor and production person. However his account was actually hacked and those accounts where run by his teen daughter who is either trying to ruin her dad’s job, or thinking she’s helping him or trolling fans without him knowing.

  2. Its already been confirmed Santos didn’t leak it and that video is stunt woman, not Daisy Ridley. The photo maybe legit or a wardrobe test. That’s the mystery.

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