Episode VII: We’re not done with Tatooine just yet…

Star Wars Episode 7 News recently posted a set photo out of Pinewood Studios which featured what appear to huts in a Tatooine settlement. Lucasfilm asked the site to remove the image, so it appears that the photo was legitimate.

What can we conclude? John Boyega and Daisy Ridley were apparently the only two stars out in Abu Dhabi, and that location shoot has now been completed. However, there is clearly more filming taking place for scenes set on Tatooine—some exteriors and quite possibly some interiors as well. Abu Dhabi most likely provided the setting for large-scale exterior scenes such as the market and any action scenes, but (and this is pure speculation) could Luke be living on Tatooine as a recluse? Has the galaxy taken a turn for the worse, leading Boyega and Ridley to seek out the great Jedi Master Luke Skywalker?

It’s anyone’s guess at this stage, but the message to take away is this: we can’t yet rule out anyone from appearing on Tatooine. The more we learn, the less we truly know…


One thought on “Episode VII: We’re not done with Tatooine just yet…

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