The world of Rebels, plus a new Tarkin blurb!

First up, here’s a new blurb we’ve spotted for James Luceno’s Tarkin:

Grand Moff Tarkin—the man who controlled the Death Star and ordered the destruction of Alderaan. The man who even the dreaded Darth Vader obeyed. At long last, as the true story of the Star Wars galaxy continues to unfold, Tarkin’s tale now comes to light!

It’s not much, but note the emphasis on the Death Star (and on the fact that this book is canon, i.e. a “true story”). In particular, the book would make a great tie-in to a rumoured home re-release of episodes I-VI (and especially any re-release of the original theatrical versions of the original trilogy). Hmm…

Meanwhile, our good friend Johnamarie has tweeted some great images of the forthcoming Rebels book Rebel Journal by Ezra Bridger. What we can take away from these images is that Ezra is involved in some small acts of rebellion against the Empire as it increases its presence on Lothal. By the second episode (i.e. the second-half of the premiere in October), Ezra has joined the crew of the Ghost, possibly after rescuing a young Wookiee (as suggested by other sources such as the trailer to the series and the title of a storybook).

Lothal gives viewers the opportunity to see the fate of the average planet as it comes further under the control of the Empire. And it’s not pretty. This show really seems to be about the gulf between an image presented by political propaganda and the reality of living under an oppressive totalitarian regime—fairly mature themes for a show of this nature.

Anyway, here are the tweets:


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