Amazing Abu Dhabi set photos from TMZ (updated with hi-res images)!

So TMZ has just posted some pretty amazing set pictures from Abu Dhabi. It’s kind of staggering how these photos have been leaked just a day after the Pinewood Tatooine set got leaked and immediately pulled—we now have 45 photos of Tatooine via the Abu Dhabi set.

These photos aren’t really spoiler-ish. They simply give a further glimpse of the sets and costumes for Episode VII’s version of Tatooine. And, as our good friend Jason at Making Star Wars rightly points out, the structure featured is right out of Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork:



It’s great to see the spirit of McQuarrie’s artwork lives on.

What’s more, the creature featured below was “manned by 5 men inside it’s belly” and featured in two scenes at the marketplace set. Folks, this is on the scale of the Jabba puppet from Return of the Jedi. Can someone say “practical special effects”?

And now, here they are: the 45 set photos…

Any doubts still that Tatooine will feature in Episode VII?

The Daily Mail also have several great photos without the watermark.


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