Lucasfilm working on “several TV projects”

In an article Variety are running about Tony To joining Lucasfilm as head of production development, we get this tidbit:

To will now oversee all live-action and animation production as Lucasfilm has six new films and several TV projects in various stages of development on its slate. J.J. Abrams is currently directing “Star Wars: Episode VII,” while the “Star Wars Rebels” series will soon air on Disney XD.

These TV projects could be anything: a new Indiana Jones series, a Maniac Mansion reboot, a Willow cartoon…

Or they could be related to the Darth Vader-themed TV specials we’ve been hearing about since October last year.

The rumour was that these specials would air “Spring/Summer 2014” (i.e. anywhere between March and September this year). While this now seems unlikely, the specials may have been pushed back along with Episode VII, meaning we’ll see them late this year and/or early next year.

In any case, surely details will emerge sooner rather than later.


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