Jaina Solo out… as was to be expected

Back in April, the old canon of the Star Wars expanded universe (EU) was relegated to the status of “Legends”, essentially making it apocrypha which could be drawn upon as needed. Disney and Lucasfilm needed a blank canvas to work within if they ever hoped to make annual theatrical forays in the galaxy far, far away, as 150-odd novels’ worth of continuity was an ever-so-slight impediment to such plans.

So it should come as no surprise that while Daisy Ridley may be playing the daughter of Han and Leia Solo, she almost certainly won’t be playing Jaina Solo, the daughter of Han and Leia from the EU. Here’s IMDb’s listing for her role:


And here’s Ridley’s response:


(This was brought to our attention first by Making Star Wars. Edit: After writing this post, however, Ridley deleted the tweet. Was it too revealing?)

It isn’t news so much as implicit confirmation of what we implicitly already knew. Exciting stuff.

The best indication of what coming down the pipe for Episode VII will be what’s included in Rebels and the new canon tie-in material, not necessarily the “Legends” of old. Take your cues from the stories being written with knowledge of what’s to come, not the stories written when Episode VII was still a collection of vague notes.


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