Gareth Edwards IS directing a Boba Fett standalone film?

This one is a story that goes waaaaaay out on a limb, but bear with me…

While I’d previously noted that various bits and pieces were suggesting that Gareth Edwards would not be directing a Boba Fett standalone film, the industry “film and TV production tracking database” Production Weekly recently listed two new productions: “Untitled Star Wars Spinoff” (Boba Fett) and “Untitled Star Wars Spinoff” (Han Solo). Presumably Edwards would be directing one with Josh Trank directing the other.

Well, it seems that the IMDb listing for Edwards’ standalone film now has three names attached: Temuera Morrison, Mike Kasem and Mason Brett.

Let’s go through the names one at a time…

Temuera Morrison, of course, played Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones and voiced Boba Fett in the 2011 edition of The Empire Strikes Back. (Obviously this is the tip-off that Edwards’ film is the Fett standalone… if this is even true.)

Mike Kasem is the son of the recently deceased DJ and actor Casey Kasem. Although on Twitter Mike Kasem primarily identifies as a DJ, like his father he appears to be doing the odd bit of acting as well.

Mason Brett is an actor and stunt performer.

When it comes to Boba Fett, could Brett be the David Prowse to Morrison’s James Earl Jones? I still believe the Boba Fett standalone film will be set prior to Star Wars: A New Hope, so if that is indeed the case, it would make sense to have the 53 year old Morrison provide the voice (but not the face) for a younger Fett, with Brett providing the body. Perhaps not coincidentally, Brett is 5’10″—the same height as Jeremy Bulloch.

Of course, having the older Morrison only provide the voice would preclude Fett from ever removing his helmet in the film, but I suspect that Kathleen Kennedy et al would be happy with that restriction, as it could help the character to regain some of the mystique he lost in the prequels.

And as for Kasem, he may simply be providing a voice for a CG character (such as a droid offsider for Fett), hence his early casting.

Fett and his droid companion?

Fett and his droid companion?

We already know that Kasem is a huge Star Wars fan:

wow thx #disneysingapore for the Lmtd ed. #starwars T! May the 4th be with you. #geekinout

Later in the comments, Kasem proclaims Star Wars to be his “fav movie of all time”.

So is any of this actually true? As Daisy Ridley recently noted, anyone can edit IMDb listings. But given the Production Weekly listing (not to mention the Hasbro leak) my gut says there’s something to all of this. But, for now, it’s still in the rumour file.


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