Is Maisie Richardson Sellers in Episode VII?

Prior to the casting announcement, Maisie Richardson Sellers was rumoured to be appearing in Episode VII. Those rumours fizzled out with the announcement, but then today Carrie Fisher’s assistant made this tweet:

(Billie Lourd is Fisher’s daughter.) So is Richardson Sellers in the film after all?

And while we’re on the subject of casting rumours, The Sun is now reporting that J.J. Abrams is looking to give Tom Cruise a cameo in Episode VII, presumably because Harrison Ford being crippled by the Millennium Falcon just didn’t get fans into enough to panic about.

In truth, Abrams and Cruise had lunch in London together, most likely to discuss Mission Impossible 5, (which Cruise will star in while Abrams produces) but it makes a better story if they tie it to their earlier story of a wheelchair-bound Ford being off the shoot for six months. The point here is that there’s pretty much nothing to the Cruise rumour at this stage.


2 thoughts on “Is Maisie Richardson Sellers in Episode VII?

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