Mandalorians to feature in Episode VII? (spoilers)

Latino Review have just posted some tidbits about Episode VII which are interesting, but not really new.

Just over two weeks ago they made four claims about Episode VII, two of which where that there would be a female villain who is possibly a Sith and that “Boba-Fett-similar” armour will feature. Today the claim is firstly that Mandalorians will make a “big appearance” in Episode VII (hence the Fett-like armour) and secondly that a Sith Witch or Witches will also appear (hence the Sith-like female villain).

The Sith Witch rumour is, in my opinion, too specific. At best you might say we have a female dark side user. Mandalorians seem plausible, however.

Here’s what we’ve got so far, though any of it may be somewhat misunderstood by crew:

  • Mandalorians
  • dark side Jedi hunters/assassins in black and chrome
  • black and chrome troops
  • an Imperial-style hangar
  • a Star Destroyer bridge
  • at least one female dark side user
  • stormtroopers with single-slit visors and flared helmets
  • a stormtrooper with silver armour
  • a tree/forest setting
  • Tatooine
  • a modified X-wing
  • a “post-apocalyptic” feel to the galaxy

Note that the Mandalorian Sabine Wren is fighting the Empire (and the Inquisitor) in Rebels. This is most likely a clue.

The sense I’m getting is that the galaxy is fragmented in the wake of the Battle of Endor and certain factions have formed a coalition. I could see this playing out as Palpatine’s former Inquisitors attempting to restore the galaxy to rule by the Sith while the Mandalorians aid the Jedi against the rebuilt Imperial forces. But that’s just speculation and it’s all incredibly murky at this point.


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