More details on John Boyega’s character, plus Domnhall Gleeson speculation (spoilers)

Jason at Making Star Wars has just posted some really great details regarding John Boyega’s character in Episode VII. As he says, this is all informed speculation, but it does fit with what we know.

Firstly, Boyega and Daisy Ridley are playing “Thomas” and “Rachel” respectively, the two characters involved in the open auditions back in those halcyon days of 2013. If you recall, in the audition sides, Rachel is aiding a wounded Thomas.

Well, it turns out that Boyega is an Imperial soldier (a stormtrooper?) who gets shot down over Tatooine—hence the reports of a crashed ship at the Abu Dhabi shoot. Ridley tends to the wounded Boyega, and the young Imperial is soon won over and sees the bigger picture. (There is a similar scene in the Phantom Menace novelisation of Anakin helping an injured Tusken Raider—coincidence?)

As for Domnhall Gleeson, we’re often hearing that his character is on a “quest” of some kind. Is he off with Harrison Ford and/or Oscar Isaac, looking for a besieged Luke Skywalker? Is this the “father quest” I speculated on last year? My conjecture is that the Boyega/Ridley thread is story A, while the Ford/Gleeson/Isaac thread is story B. This has echoes of both Star Wars: A New Hope (looking for a hidden Jedi) and The Empire Strikes Back (Han and the Falcon providing a B story with plenty of action). Obviously the stories converge at some point.

Edit: To clarify, a “B story” is a subplot, not “the second half” of a film (which TheForce.Net is claiming).

Finally, the most exciting element of Jason’s report is, in my opinion, the lightsaber fighting style: two-handed, just as in the original trilogy. I can’t wait to see it onscreen.


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