Rebels spoilers ahoy!

Making Star Wars have posted an outline of the premier episode of Rebels, and it sounds superb. I won’t post any major spoilers here, but I will make a few comments about the overall story.

Firstly, it really does seem to harken back to Star Wars: A New Hope, where the Jedi and the Force are mysterious and rarely seen or encountered. Early in the episode, Ezra stumbles upon Kanan’s lightsaber, and it’s this moment which seems to be a catalyst for Ezra’s decision to join the Ghost crew. And that’s the other aspect of the original Star Wars that the writers seem to be emphasising: the need to make moral choices and fight for something larger than yourself.

Ezra strikes me as a cross between Han Solo and Luke Skywalker: he has Han’s background as a rogue who chooses to join the cause, but he also has Luke’s curiosity about the Force and what it means to be a Jedi.

And then there’s Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau. We’re obviously going to get to see more of the Imperial machine in this show, and it’s quite exciting to think about the worldbuilding potential that Rebels has to create story hooks which can be explored in films, novels, comics, games and so forth.

We’ve got about three months until we see this initial double episode, but to me it looks like this series will have plenty to offer fans, even if it isn’t as dark and gritty as The Clone Wars could be at times. Lothal, here we come!


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