Puzzlewood to feature in Episode VII?

The BBC are today reporting (via Jedi News) that there is a large-scale crew possibly filming at the ancient woodland site Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire, England, and they’re speculating that it may in fact be the Episode VII crew filming there.

If so, this likely matches the forest set said to be at Pinewood. Puzzlewood looks unique and unlike either Yavin IV or Endor. It could be part of Naboo or Dagobah, but my guess is that if the site is a location for Episode VII, it’s a double for a new planet. The set descriptions don’t sound swampy enough for Dagobah and I imagine they’d want to avoid any hint of Gungans for Episode VII.

The most tantalising aspect is how mythic the site feels—indeed, it is claimed to be (in part) the inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Like the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi, this may represent a return to the original trilogy’s aesthetic of very earthy and tangible yet heightened classic fantasy-style settings.

Here’s a look at Puzzlewood:

Please note that the Puzzlewood bridge image was kindly provided by Andy Cox.


2 thoughts on “Puzzlewood to feature in Episode VII?

  1. Been to Puzzelwood back in my younger days. Its a beautiful and mystical place. An old Roman mine it takes you back in time, its like stepping off your time machine and into the Jurassic period!!! You expect to turn a corner and bump into a dinosaur!!!!

    • It has a lot of history–I’d love to go there one day. If they’re shooting there for Episode VII, it makes me even more excited to see the film.

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