Concept art mother lode!

OK, today was a bit of a surprise. I’ve been on hiatus for a number of reasons, two of which being a wedding (mine) and an illness (also mine, which I’m currently suffering through). However, something happened that was so monumental that I couldn’t not post about it.

Jason over at Making Star Wars has been describing various pieces of concept art lately, and now has posted the mother lode. Below are the images as-is.

Note that this is a mixture of plans, sketches and fully-painted concept art pieces. This does not tell you anything necessarily about the finished film—any one of these concepts may have been rejected during the development process. However, it does say quite a bit about the tone of the film. This is a galaxy that lives in the shadow of the civil war that spanned the original trilogy, and something is seriously amiss, off-kilter and vaguely disturbing about much of the imagery. I suspect that, while earlier scenes will feel closer to Star Wars: A New Hope in spirit, by the end we’ll be in full-blown Empire Strikes Back territory.

Something is rotten in the galaxy far, far away….


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