Alex Ross cover for Star Wars #1!

In January, Marvel will cap-off its re-entry into the Star Wars universe with Star Wars #1, a new comic series written by Jason Aaron and drawn by John Cassaday and set after Star Wars: A New Hope.

Entertainment Weekly this morning is reporting something special.,As a homage to Marvel’s first go-round at this concept back in ’77, Alex Ross has painted a photorealistic version of the Howard Chaykin art for April 1977’s Star Wars #1, itself an adaptation of Chaykin’s own original art for the poster sent to conventions in 1976 to drum up support for Star Wars amongst ’70s geeks.

Here’s Ross’s art for January 2015 Star Wars #1:


January 2015 Star Wars #1

Here’s Chaykin’s art for April 1977 Star Wars #1:

April 1977 Star Wars #1

April 1977 Star Wars #1

And finally, here’s Chaykin’s 1976 convention poster (note the early Star Wars logo):

1976 convention poster

1976 convention poster

This art goes back a long way…


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