Rebels rumours galore (spoilers)

Our good friend Jason over at Making Star Wars has just posted a ton of rumours regarding season 1 of Rebels. and they should make any Star Wars fan very excited to see how this all plays out.

Firstly, uber-fan and all-’round great guy Sam Witwer is back in Star Wars, this time providing a voice (or voices) in Rebels. While he voiced Maul in The Clone Wars, his talent is such that he could be playing anyone in Rebels.

The second name is perhaps more intriguing: Andrew Kishino, who voiced Saw Gerrera in the Onderon Clone Wars arc. Gerrera (whose name sounds suspiciously like Che Guevara, which may be a clue to the character’s significance) was the unofficial leader of the rebellion on Onderon built to retake the planet from Separatist forces. Could Gerrera have a larger role to play in the nascent rebellion during the galactic civil war? (Note that Jason speculates that both Witwer and Kishino are playing new characters.)

This leads us to the final bit of information: there is a character on Rebels whose codename in the show is “Fulcrum”, and whose role is to give intel and supplies to the various rebel cells in the galaxy. In particular, our heroes are supplied with intel regarding a five year plan involving the development of a super-weapon.

I’ve been saying for quite some time that Rebels will culminate in the theft of the plans to the Death Star. I was not, however, expecting such groundwork being laid so soon. We’ve already seen Bail Organa making moves to track the rebel cells, and now we may see Fulcrum (Saw Gerrera?) coordinating a take down of the Death Star.

If the show pulls this off, it’ll be incredibly exciting to watch.


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