More clues for Episode VII’s opening scenes

Jason at Making Star Wars has posted a rough outline of what he suggests is the opening sequence for Episode VII.

I won’t repeat the full, detailed account (as you can click the link and read it for yourself if you so desire) but instead I’ll simply say the following: John Boyega’s character is a “special forces” TIE fighter pilot whose craft crashes on the homeworld of Kira (played by Daisy Ridley). She rescues him from the crash, and that’s when their adventure begins.

Concept Sketch - Daisy Ridley - Smuggler Gear

Kira concept sketch

Concept Art - TIE-Fighter Down

Crashed Special Forces TIE Fighter concept art

Is this the crashed TIE Fighter being filmed in Abu Dhabi?

Is this the crashed TIE Fighter being filmed in Abu Dhabi?

You can piece more together if you look at the leaked concept art, but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

The point here is that this harkens back to the opening of Star Wars: A New Hope in the best possible way. Just as Luke stumbled upon a couple of droids who set his life on a whole new trajectory, so does Kira find herself caught in an adventure through sheer happenstance. And yet there’s a freshness to the approach, making the “herald” not a droid or a Jedi but an Imperial pilot. It’s the irony built into the premise that makes this story feel unique and surprising.

What else is in store for our heroes, both old and new?


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