Is this the villain of Episode VII?

Yesterday, Star Wars Underworld posted the following image from an anonymous ImageShack account:


Today Jay at Indie Revolver posted the following:

However, I can confirm that not only is this legitimate production art but that this particular concept made its way through pre-production and into the film. This character and his lightbroadsword have filmed scenes in England.

Meanwhile, Jason at Making Star Wars confirms that “the concept is real”. In particular:

Well, the person in the armor is “the” cyborg and that is his armor for battle. In other words, this is the mask the phantom wears to cover his mangled face.

The “cyborg”, of course, is this happy fellow:

Phantom of the Space Opera

Phantom of the Space Opera

So there you have it. We may still be unclear on the details, but things are becoming a little bit clearer.


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