Lucasfilm awakens

On the 4th we got the Tarkin novel; on the 6th we got the title to Episode VII. And now…

He goes on to say that “final renders and pre-selected elements” will be mixed in the following weeks. (This Twitter user does seem to know his stuff, for what it’s worth.)

So… first official photos by mid-November, first teaser most likely before December… Who knows what’s to come after that. One thing is clear, however: the marketing machine at Lucasfilm is just kicking into gear.

And as an aside, anyone using the prequel era publicity as a yardstick for what to expect and when to expect it… forget it. This is a new director working under a new regime in a new era of filmmaking. Forget the old way.


2 thoughts on “Lucasfilm awakens

    • The teaser will deliver, believe me. :) It just won’t spill the story, which I’d rather be preserved for late next year anyway.

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