More set details revealed!

Jason at Making Star Wars has a new report on various sets that were at Pinewood up until the end of production on The Force Awakens:

  • a dark grey, metallic, “industrial”-looking set with dark red elements and dark grey rock sections that were cave-like
  • a large snow stage which was used to film stormtroopers at one point (including the Bond cast as stormtrooper extras!)
  • the Imperial hanger set
  • a charred or burnt set with smoke and pyrotechnics

Jason speculates that the first set may relate to the “special ops” TIE fighter, as seen here:

Concept Art - TIE-Fighter Down

Note that the TIE is dark grey with red accents.

Also of note is the fact that the second set had fake snow laid over sand, which was most likely a time-saving measure, with no sand being seen on screen.

This just gives us a further glimpse into what to expect in just over a year. In short, real sets and locations with CGI extensions. Not surprising, but I expect The Force Awakens to seem much more tangible than some of the sequences in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Head over to MSW for the original report!


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