Star Wars Celebration: Anaheim 2015 official poster revealed

Here it is: the official poster for the next Star Wars Celebration, to be held in Anaheim next year:


Now maybe I’m reading too much into this, but keep in mind that this event is going to be held during the start of the initial wave of major Force Awakens marketing. Sure, we may get a teaser soon, but Celebration Anaheim will most likely kick off the heavy duty hype machine that will then continue until the film’s release. So could this poster be hinting at what to expect in the next episode of the Star Wars saga?

The character of Han Solo is rumoured to play a major role in The Force Awakens, and Carrie Fisher was present throughout principal photography. Meanwhile, stormtroopers will feature prominently and Darth Vader’s shadow will loom large. On the other hand, Luke Skywalker will be largely absent, but his presence will still be felt. And being the first film in a new trilogy, there will be echoes of Star Wars: A New Hope throughout The Force Awakens as well. What we know about the film, and what we think we know about it, both seem to match up quite well with the poster.

In short, this poster seems to reframe the original trilogy through,the lens of The Force Awakens. It’s a shrewd marketing strategy to get fans receptive to the idea of the new film being a genuine, organic extension to the saga. “This is not going to be a tacked on adventure; this will continue the Star Wars you already know and love”, is what it’s saying. In this alternate take on the Star Wars saga, Han, not Luke, is the central protagonist of the original trilogy.

At the very least, Lucasfilm would have chosen elements to include that will line up well with the new film. These things are thought through carefully.

Or, you know, maybe this is just a poster.


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