More details on teaser for The Force Awakens!

OK, every site is updating with more details, so rather than continue to edit my original post, I’m going to compile all the information here. The sources are Making Star Wars, Badass Digest and The Star Wars Underworld:

  • approximately one minute long and similar in structure to the Attack of the Clones “Breathing” teaser
  • featuring new music by John Williams, starting with a gentle rendition of the Force theme which then swells to a full orchestral piece
  • Shots include:
    • dunes leading to John Boyega in white stormtrooper armour (though without a helmet)
    • Daisy Ridley riding a speeder, wearing goggles and a helmet similar to Leia’s in Return of the Jedi, approaching the station from the TMZ images
    • the new ball-like droid
    • new X-wings, with Oscar Isaac piloting one of them
    • new stormtroopers aboard a transport whose flight is turbulent
    • TIE fighters
    • the new villain on a snowy forest planet
    • a female voice says “Wake up” before we see the title card, and then the Millennium Falcon rocketing towards us

That’s pretty comprehensive. Expect the teaser, publicity stills and perhaps even a poster in the next month…


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