Beyond Rebels…?

Rebels is really picking up steam at the moment. “Gathering Forces” was exceptional, and I imagine it’ll only get better. In my mind, I expected the show to run for five seasons and end just as the plans for the Death Star were being stolen, possibly with the Ghost crew involved. However, the current rumour that Gareth Edwards’ 2016 standalone film would focus on the theft of those same plans (involving a team of bounty hunters, no less) has made that case harder to argue.

Now /Film have posted a new rumour about the proposed lifespan of Rebels and plans for a new animated series. According to /Film, Rebels will last around three or four seasons, and it’ll be followed by a new show set in the sequel trilogy timeline.

This will place the series as starting in late 2017 or 2018, which will be just before or sometime after the release of Episode VIII—either way, the world of the sequel trilogy will be well and truly established.

Of course, oldschool fans want to see Luke, Han and Leia in the immediate wake of Return of the Jedi instead. Maybe we’ll get that one day, but the kids growing up with The Force Awakens will want more of that world, not the one we grew up on. If this rumour is true, I imagine we’ll get the story we want via novels and comics.


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