Raiders of the Lost Force Relic

There’s now a pretty solid outline for the first act of The Force Awakens floating around. You can read all the details at the Star Wars Fanpedia.

I’d rather not discuss the rumoured outline in depth, however. Instead, here’s a summary of the premise:

It’s 30 years after Return of the Jedi, and the Empire (or whatever it’s being called at this point) is now, at least in part, under the command of a man obsessed with relics and artifacts… and the Dark Side of the Force. One relic is of particular interest, and as the film opens, stormtroopers are being sent to retrieve it from the planet below while a battle rages overhead…

A detachment of stormtroopers sent to retrieve a relic...

A detachment of stormtroopers sent to retrieve a relic…

What I really like about this idea is that it’s almost Raiders of the Lost Ark… in Space! In the film itself, elements will be folded in from Star Wars: A New Hope as well, of course, but the archetypes will be rearranged in new and interesting ways: there’ll still a character destined for greatness, a man on the run, a hotshot pilot, etc., but they won’t just be Luke, Leia  and Han with different names and faces. I get the feeling that there’ll also be the mystical quality of The Empire Strikes Back, but perhaps not in the first act.

Is this lightsaber an ancient Sith relic?

Is this lightsaber an ancient Sith relic?

I can’t help but feel like this is a story generated by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan during early story meetings in 2012. Michael Arndt and Kathleen Kennedy were no doubt present as well, but it reminds me of the ideas generated during the story conferences for Raiders of the Lost Ark (which you can read the PDF of here).

We’re really in for something special—the sort of film that we really haven’t seen since… well, since the height of Lucasfilm in the ’80s. Of course, there’s still 12 more months of waiting to come…


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