Star Wars #1 art preview and sales report

As the number of views for The Force Awakens teaser eclipses the 100 million mark, we now learn that Marvel’s Star Wars #1 is set to sell over a million copies, which makes it the first comic to do so since Batman #500 in 1993. In contrast, Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars #1 (which had the same premise as Marvel’s reboot) saw under 100,000 sales.

Here are three pages from Star Wars #1 from, and, while not as impressive as the art from Darth Vader #1, you can still feel classic Star Wars leaping off the page:

Anyone who thinks Star Wars is a dead brand is just not living in the real world at this point. Lucasfilm, under the stewardship of Kathleen Kennedy, have successfully stoked the flames of interest in the franchise by refocusing on the period of the Empire’s rule, and as we move closer to the release of The Force Awakens, the general public will be well aware that Star Wars is back in a big, big way.


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