52 weekends of Star Wars

Today marks the point where, in 12 months time, those of us in Australia will finally be able to see The Force Awakens. And what’s more, after today, not a year will go by without the release of a new Star Wars movie, at least until the end of the decade.

So what better way to wait out the next 12 months than to gorge ourselves on Star Wars?

Starting this¬†Saturday (December 20) I’ll be taking a weekly look back at the entirety of the current Star Wars canon, from The Phantom Menace through to Return of the Jedi. That’ll take us to Saturday, December 12, 2015: the weekend before the release of The Force Awakens.

Ambitious? Yes. Insane? Possibly. But it’ll be fun nonetheless.

Here’s the schedule for the next seven Saturdays:

  1. The Phantom Menace (Dec. 20)
  2. Attack of the Clones (Dec. 27)
  3. The Clone Wars: Cat and Mouse, The Hidden Enemy and The Clone Wars feature (Jan. 3)
  4. Clone Cadets, Supply Lines, Ambush, Rising Malevolence, Shadow of Malevolence and Destroy Malevolence (Jan. 10)
  5. Rookies, Downfall of a Droid, Duel of the Droids, Bombad Jedi, Cloak of Darkness and Lair of Grievous (Jan. 17)
  6. Dooku Captured, The Gungan General, Jedi Crash, Defenders of Peace and Trespass (Jan. 24)
  7. Blue Shadow Virus, Mystery of a Thousand Moons, Storm Over Ryloth, Innocents of Ryloth and Liberty of Ryloth (Jan. 31)

We’ll treat this a bit like a book club. I’ll post my thoughts on that week’s content that Saturday morning at 9am my time (UTC+11), and if you want to share your thoughts, add them to the comments of the same post. Discussion and debate are welcome.

I look forward to sharing this experience with my fellow fans!


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