Will Gareth Edwards’ standalone film centre on Han Solo?

Jason over at Making Star Wars has posted a couple of updates regarding the first live-action standalone Star Wars film, which will of course be directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Gary Whitta.

Here are the things worth knowing:

  • It’s about Han Solo
  • Aaron Paul may be attached to the film
  • Production offices for the film will be opening at Pinewood very soon
  • Filming will overlap with Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII
  • The codename for the production is Luminac Industrial Goods

This is all very interesting. The first point conflicts with both the original Hasbro leak (which has Boba Fett as the focus of the first standalone film) and the more recent /Film report (which said the Millennium Falcon would feature but not Han Solo). The fourth point, meanwhile, suggests that sets from Edwards’ film may be reused for Johnson’s, which in turn suggests that Edwards’ film may dovetail with the sequel trilogy to a greater degree than we expect, perhaps providing an extended flashback of sorts.

For production on the two films to overlap in such a way, I can only assume that Episode VIII is slated to be released a mere 18 months after the release of The Force Awakens, and a mere six months after Edwards’ standalone, unless a few necessary shots for Episode VIII will be grabbed during the standalone’s production. (Recall that the Tatooine scene for Revenge of the Sith was filmed during production on Attack of the Clones in 2000.

Whether any of this pans out remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Star Wars is going into overdrive.


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