Rogue One update

A few days ago, Making Star Wars updated with details about the first standalone film, Rogue One. Here’s what we know for certain:

  • Scheduled for release on December 16, 2016
  • Directed by Gareth Edwards
  • Written by Chris Weitz, based on a story by John Knoll
  • Starring Felicity Jones
  • Score by Alexandre Desplat

Now, here are the rumours:

  • Begins shooting in “a few months”
  • The plot involves the plans to the Death Star
  • An agricultural planet is a major location
  • Ben Mendelsohn will be playing a scientist who is somehow involved with (or has knowledge of) the Death Star
  • Aaron Paul may play the companion to Jones
  • Geonosians have not been written out of the history of the Death Star (although note that Geonosis is lifeless by the time of Star Wars: Darth Vader)

So this almost certainly looks to be set in the lead-up to Star Wars: A New Hope. Exciting times ahead…


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