Has ‘Rogue One’ found its Wookiee?

Jason at Making Star Wars has posted a rumour that Lydon Sutcliffe, a seven-foot-tall Wimbledon groundsman, has been cast in Rogue One. For what role? Who knows. How substantial is the role? Again, this is unknown, though being a guy with no acting experience would limit things a bit.

Digging around, it seems that Sutcliffe is represented by public relations firm BrandNation, who market him as “Mr. High”. In other words, he isn’t just some guy off the street. Here’s a video they made with Sutcliffe to promote menswear brand High and Mighty:

There are distinct shades here of Peter Mayhew’s casting for the original Star Wars. Mayhew, while also not a complete unknown in 1976—he was in Ray Harryhausen’s Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, filmed in ’75—was a hospital wardsman who happened to be the right height (7 feet 3 inches) to play Chewbacca. Are we seeing history repeat itself?

It makes no sense for Sutcliffe to be playing a generic, tall alien, since they could easily mo-cap a regular actor for the part. It’s reasonable to assume that Sutcliffe will be in a practical suit of some kind. Of course, that still doesn’t mean he’s playing a Wookiee (assuming he’s even in the movie). But let’s face it—we all think Wookiee when we think of casting seven-foot-tall unknowns.

Finally, here’s a video of Sutcliffe having a chat during his “High and Mighty” photoshoot:


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